Rooted in a seductive vision of modernism, DESIRON is one of the great American handcrafted furniture brands. Created start to finish by artisan hands, our furniture inspires with passionate craftsmanship of sleek metals, specialty woods, and lush upholstery. The lines of our designs emphasize geometric balance and machine-age streamlining, accented with customizable finishes for the highest level of quality and exclusivity.

Our Craftsmanship

Each piece of Desiron furniture is handcrafted in the USA from the finest materials. Our hard-working teams are focused on quality as we equip the leading designers the ability to create and customize intriguing pieces that enhance any space they inhabit. Our artisans’ attention to detail and precision elevates each project—allowing clients to exceed their design goals putting their unique mark on environments.

Our Legacy

Established in 1997, Desiron has become one of the country’s leading handcrafted furniture brands through collaboration with leading designers and artisan manufacturing at the highest end of quality. Our products are revered across the residential, hospitality, and commercial markets for their enduring beauty, simplicity, and functionality. This dedication now finds Desiron as a global fixture among the highest tier of designers and clients.

Courtlandt Pennell, CEO

Company Leadership

A new chapter of our nearly 25 years unfolds as CEO Courtlandt Pennell and CCO/Design Director Jerry Sullivan lead Desiron with renewed focus on deeper growth within the design world. Unwavering is our dedication to alluring craftsmanship, our commitment to our clients, and our shared love of materials. This passion is the core of the creativity our furniture inspires, and the long lasting relationships we enjoy.

Jerry Sullivan, Design Director

Sustainability Leaders

DESIRON cares deeply about the creation of products using processes that are non-polluting, conserve resources, and are socially responsible. Our environmentally sound procedures include partnering with vendors who share our ideals, using DCR conflict-free suppliers, utilizing nearly 100% of post-production metal scrap via recycling, re-use of 90% of packaging materials, and shipping with recycled wooden pallets. We are proud to have also added partnership with One Tree Planted to our sustainability initiatives, with a commitment to reforestation. While FSC Certified to guarantee that our products are traced to responsible forestry operations, we are giving back to woodland resources by planting a tree for every piece of furniture we build. We employ reusable blankets rather than cardboard for all of our packaging to minimize wastestream. Made in the USA, our supply chain produces a minor carbon footprint while delivering quickly.

200 Lexington Avenue

Visit our Showroom

Our New York Design Center showroom features our most celebrated made to order, American furniture. We are open to the Trade & the public Monday through Thursday and by appointment only on Friday and Saturday.

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