Linherr Hollingsworth

Embodying Strength and Femininity

Elegance meets innovation in the Linherr Hollingsworth for Desiron Collection—an extraordinary fusion of classic aesthetics and modern ingenuity. With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, this collaboration redefines furniture design through a lens of strength and femininity. Linherr's vision, shaped by her global travels and a deep appreciation for materials, is seamlessly brought to life by Desiron's master artisans. Each piece is a testament to their shared dedication, inviting you to embrace sophistication with a touch of approachable allure, as clean lines entwine with soft contours and timeless finishes.


At the Intersection of Architecture and Design

Architects, interior and product designers working hand-in-hand to realize one-of-a-kind interiors, exteriors and products at every scale.

The portfolio of residential, hospitality, development and product work is dynamic, responsive and personal. Each modern design is thoughtfully tailored to client, place and purpose, and elevated by impeccable craftsmanship and a respect for the contextual environment.


For over a decade, Cerno has been making modern fixtures. In 2009 they saw an opportunity. Lighting design and energy efficiency had been limited by 100 years of the traditional incandescent bulb. Fixtures designed in America but manufactured overseas often had frustrating quality flaws and were limited by the inherent disconnect in their design-prototyping-manufacturing process. The innovations in incandescent and LED lighting, new technologies started bringing potential for efficiency, quality and beauty that had yet to be thoroughly explored or developed. So we set out to design and build original fixtures right here in California.

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